2001.12.30    Public leisure in postcolonial Baguio

2001.12.23    This time last year

2001.12.16    Stories told with courage

2001.12.09    Growing up with Julia

2001.12.02    Heroes for a nation that cannot remember

2001.11.25    Misuari’s failure

2001.11.18    A future without Gloria

2001.11.11    Limbs to go: an Indian lesson

2001.10.28    The life and death of coup rumors

2001.10.21    Terrorism and paranoia

2001.10.14    Osama’s war

2001.10.07    Intermission politics

2001.09.30    In quest of the Arab springtime

2001.09.23    Understanding Osama’s human bombs

2001.09.16    To create a new kind of faith

2001.09.09    I shop, therefore I am

2001.09.02    The universality of greatness

2001.08.26    Strengthening institutions

2001.08.19    Undermining institutions

2001.08.12    The silent wars of Victor Corpus

2001.08.05    People power and the SSS

2001.07.29    The hidden injuries of the poor

2001.07.22    The nation of flux

2001.07.15    Understanding poverty

2001.07.08    Destabilization plot or demolition job?

2001.07.01    Our scale of values

2001.06.24    Government in the age of people power

2001.06.17    Alternatives

2001.06.10    Landscape and identity

2001.06.03    The nation and the Abu Sayyaf

2001.05.27    The special detainee

2001.05.20    The bright side of the Pinoy voter

2001.05.13    The 2001 elections

2001.05.06    A parable for our times   

2001.04.29    The third time as farce

2001.04.22    A mindset for murder

2001.04.15    Christ-like or Pinoy-like?

2001.04.08    Can we send an ex-president to jail?

2001.04.01    “Live Show”:mishandled affair

2001.03.25    Mobs, crowds, and people power

2001.03.18    Estrada is the issue

2001.03.11    The wrong fish

2001.03.04    Ethical progress

2001.02.25    What makes people power possible

2001.02.18    The issue is corruption

2001.02.11    People power and the law

2001.02.04    Open the envelope

2001.01.28    Five questions on People Power 2

2001.01.21    Letter to a granddaughter

2001.01.14    The spirit of citizenship

2001.01.07    Truth-telling in a televised trial