2003.12.28    The mass media in a democracy

2003.12.21    Faith in new beginnings

2003.12.14    In a world of images

2003.12.07    Mornings with Julia

2003.11.30    Democracy

2003.11.23    Bush’s double talk in Britain 

2003.11.16    Vague uneasiness

2003.11.09    Reconciliations

2003.11.02    Teaching Davide a lesson

2003.10.26    Mrs. Kim’s children

2003.10.19    The Bush visit

2003.10.12    Why Gloria is running   

2003.10.05    Coming home

2003.09.28    The presidency in our time

2003.09.21    Jose Pidal, Ping Lacson, and the battle against corruption

2003.09.14    Global trade and poverty

2003.09.07    Politics without limits

2003.08.31    The power of good example

2003.08.24    The absurdity of blaming the PMA

2003.08.17    A dialogue with mutineers

2003.08.10    Residual issues 

2003.08.03    Why our soldiers have becomes politicized

2003.07.27    The price of pride

2003.07.13    Politics of language

2003.07.06    Land invasions

2003.06.29    Our children’s TV idols

2003.06.22    Law and politics

2003.06.15    Iraq-bound contractual peacekeepers

2003.06.08    Impeaching the Supreme Court

2003.06.01    A non-productive detour

2003.05.25    Messages from a state visit

2003.05.18    Surviving the North Expressway

2003.05.11    Mothers from another time

2003.05.04    Death trap on the North Luzon Expressway

2003.04.27    Panic in a melting pot of microbes

2003.04.20    Good and evil in Saddam’s Iraq

2003.04.13    The world after Iraq

2003.04.06    Motives and reasons for war

2003.03.30    American logic and Iraqi madmen

2003.03.23    The coalition of aggressors

2003.03.16    The closing of the American mind

2003.03.09    A willed moral blindness

2003.03.02    Why we oppose the war in Iraq and Mindanao

2003.02.23    Globalizing the Mindanao conflict

2003.02.16    Our own dirty war in Mindanao

2003.02.09    Iraq’s trouble past

2003.02.02    America’s reckless war

2003.01.26    House of memories

2003.01.19    Edsa II revisited

2003.01.12    Is Iraq our enemy?

2003.01.05    Political rebirth