2016.12.25    Insulating higher education from politics
2016.12.11    The production of impunity
2016.12.04    Handbook for dictators
2016.11.27    Do lawmakers have a sexual life?
2016.11.20    The struggle against forgetting
2016.11.13    The populist bash against globalization
2016.11.06    The chilling rationality of the war on drugs
2016.10.30    The magnetism of cemeteries
2016.10.23    Method in the madness
2016.10.16    When cops turn into masked killers
2016.10.09    Why we curse
2016.10.07    The first 100 days
2016.10.02    Foreign policy under Duterte
2016.09.25    Hermano Puli: religion, rebellion, and nation
2016.09.18    When two punishers meet
2016.09.11    Speech and the written word
2016.09.04    Duterte and China
2016.08.28    Thinking about democracy in Mongolia
2016.08.21    The expendable poor and the oligarchy
2016.08.14    Two awakenings and a funeral
2016.08.07    Human rights and the poor
2016.07.31    Understanding Duterte
2016.07.24    Sona in a world out of kilter
2016.07.17    Paradoxes in the South China Sea issue
2016.07.10    The creeping normality of extrajudicial killings
2016.07.03    President Duterte’s inaugural speech
2016.06.26    ‘Brexit’ and globalization
2016.06.19    Would Rizal have chosen federalism
2016.06.12    Is patriotism passé
2016.06.05    Duterte and the media
2016.05.29    A mandate to do what?
2016.05.22    Politics and cultural change
2016.05.15    A mayor for a nation of 100 miilion
2016.05.12    Blindsided by Rody Duterte: a postmortem
2016.05.08    ‘Dutertismo’ or clearheaded patriotism?
2016.05.01    ‘Dutertismo’
2016.04.26    The last presidential debate
2016.04.24    The political outsider
2016.04.17    Misunderstanding the 4Ps
2016.04.10    Grieving for the UP Faculty Center
2016.03.27    Presidential debates: To entertain or to educate?
2015.03.20    A day at the Marcelo H. del Pilar Museum
2015.03.13    Jovito Salonga, the scholar-politician
2015.03.06    Through the prism of American politics
2016.02.28    The battlefield of memory
2016.02.21    The moral factor in political transitions
2016.02.14    A sociologist’s take on love
2016.02.07    Empathy in modern society
2016.01.31    Citizenship and Grace Poe
2016.01.24    The Japanese emperor’s visit
2016.01.17    Understanding the 4Ps
2016.01.10    Can faith be harnessed for the common good?
2016.01.03    Time, lastingness, and gratitude