2018.12.30    The making of a fascist mindset 
2018.12 23    Bullies, the bullied, and bystanders
2018.12.16    Angkas and the business of sharing
2018.12.09    Blood on the President’s hands
2018.12.02    When the President tells a lie 
2018.11.18    Political theology and the rise of tyrants 

2018.11.11    Convicting Imelda 
2018.11.04    Duterte’s order to militarize the BOC
2018.10.27    The Boracay syndrome
2018.10.20    Unashamed: a morbid system
2018.10.13    The realities that defines our politics
2018.10.06    What ‘Red October’ is all about
2018.09.30    Wasting political capital
2018.09.23    An interview in quest of an audience
2018.09.16    The State remembers and forgets
2018.09.09    Meanness of spirit
2018.09.02    Searching for ‘greatness of spirit’
2018.08.26    Why we can’t ‘move on’
2018.08.19    Duterte’s language games
2018.08.12    Ang pederalismo bilang isang mantra
2018.08.05    ‘Clean riders’ and riders under inspection
2018.07.29    President Duterte’s third Sona
2018.07.22    The Sona as authorized speech
2018.07.15    Understanding public opinion
2018.07.08    Federalism and trade wars in a global context
2018.07.01    Making sense of Duterte’s anti-Catholic rant
2018.06.24    The war against ‘tambays’
2018.06.17    The killing of priests
2018.06.10    The challenge of nationhood in our time
2018.05.27    Do we need a national ID system?
2018.05.20    Global shifts and the colonial mindset
2018.05.13    Law and politics in the ouster of CJ Sereno
2018.05.06    Strongmen and the concept of charisma
2018.04.29    Protecting Filipino workers abroad
2018.04.22    The Duterte method
2018.04.15    Politics in the age of big data
2018.03.25    President Duterte is not the Philippine State
2018.03.18    ‘Citizen Jake’: A sociology of Filipino society
2018.03.11    Will the ICC ever acquire jurisdiction over Duterte?
2018.03.04    Conflicting thoughts on Chief Justice Sereno
2018.02.25    How a revolution turns into a restoration
2018.02.18    Appointing the INC head as special envoy
2018.02.11    Of love and citizenship
2018.02.04    Obstruction of justice
2018.01.28    Protecting the civil service from politics
2018.01.21    Rappler and press freedom
2018.01.14    A nation’s responsibility to humanity
2018.01.07    The war on reason