2017.12.31   Cultural shifts
2017.12.24   Our grandchildren and their gifts
2017.12.17   Where is ‘Dutertismo’ headed?
2017.12.10   Does President Duterte believe in human rights?
2017.12.03   Risk and the dengue vaccine
2017.11.26   Whose responsibility are the Rohingya?
2017.11.19   What the Chinese template represents
2017.11.12   Nation states and the challenge of globalization
2017.11.05   Are the social media good for democracy?
2017.10.29   The terror death
2017.10.22   The ‘romanticism’ of revolutionary government
2017.10.15   The nation’s last card?
2017.10.08   A reflection on Facebook
2017.10.01   Defending institutions
2017.09.24   The President as purveyor of fake news
2017.09.17   A document against authoritarianism
2017.09.10   Remembering September 11
2017.09.03   The ‘Makapili’ in the antidrug war
2017.08.27   Between a strongman and a strong state
2017.08.20   Questions for an ‘eyewitness generation’
2017.08.13   The threat from North Korea
2017.08.06   Family matters, public issues, and Facebook in Singapore
2017.07.30   Mr. Duterte and the Presidency
2017.07.23   A president for an angry nation
2017.07.16   Turkish “terrorists” in our midst
2017.07.09   Judicial review of martial law
2017.07.02   Teaching in the age of Google
2017.06.25   The Maute group and the Isis
2017.06.18   When the exception becomes the rule
2017.06.11   Nationalism revisited
2017.06.04   The Isis in our minds
2017.05.28   How we lose our freedoms
2017.05.21   Aid with no strings attached?
2017.05.14   Beware of the dragon bearing gifts
2017.05.07   An era of political reaction
2017.04.30   Strongmen and the mass media
2017.04.02   The price of national independence
2017.03.26   The reality of global public opinion
2017.03.19   Thoughts on free higher education for all
2017.03.12   Tokhang 2, vigilantes, and the Church
2017.03.05   Duterte, Trump, and populism
2017.02.26   Edsa: The battle for the near past
2017.02.19   Using criminals as witnesses
2017.02.12   Toward a sociology of peace
2017.02.05   Governance in a time of complexity
2017.01.29   Outsourcing murder
2017.01.22   Corrupt policemen and the war on drugs
2017.01.15   The economy of killing
2017.01.08   The ‘conspiracy’ to oust Duterte
2017.01.01   Lessons from my grandchildren