1996.12.29    The sexualization of children

1996.12.22    Immigrants from the past

1996.12.15    Taxing the Church

1996.12.08    Contingencies of a weekend

1996.12.01    Initiation to public life

1996.11.24    The contradictions of Apec

1996.11.17    Globalization: do we have a choice?

1996.11.10    Who’s afraid of globalization?

1996.11.03    Sachsenhausen’s violence and Perlman’s violin

1996.10.20    Germany: nationhood as burden

1996.10.13    Sarah Jane and her boy friend

1996.10.06    From Pulungmasle to Portland

1996.09.29    Public lands, private uses

1996.09.22    Remembering Martial Law

1996.09.15    The SPCPD gamble

1996.09.01    Politics as a vocation

1996.08.25    The return of the tisay

1996.08.18    Dog eaters

1996.08.11    The trial of Karen Vertido

1996.08.04    Sources of moral vigor

1996.07.28    The language of the Olympics

1996.07.21    Where the truth lies

1996.07.14    Misuari

1996.06.30    Sense and style in UP

1996.06.23    Unstoppable women

1996.06.16    Kidnapped

1996.06.09    Conversations for sale

1996.06.02    Spirituality and the OCW

1996.05.26    Maid in Hong Kong

1996.05.19    The liturgy of public executions

1996.05.12    Mothers

1996.05.05    Graduations

1996.04.28    Our children all

1996.04.21    Odd/Uneven schemes

1996.04.14    Karen   

1996.04.07    Moros and Zapatistas

While lecturing at the National Autonomous University of Mexico early his year, I had the rare chance of witnessing the signing of the first eace accord between the Mexican government and the Zapatista rmy of National Liberation or EZLN. That historic event reminded e of the Moros’ own negotiations  with the government. I began to onder what impact the MNLF would have created had Nur Misuari conducted these talks the Zapatista way.

1996.03.31    Re-moralizing Public Service

Graft or corruption is a modern crime. It presupposes the existence of a modern bureaucratic state and a culture of law. strictly speaking, there was no graft in traditional societies ruled by custom. it was not illegal for a ruler to help himself to the community’s wealth and not provide for the needs of his followers. But it was always immoral.

1996.03.24    A cultural malaise

In the wake of the Ozone disco tragedy, the press has called for more militant regulation of establishments that cater to the public. The main problem of our society, however, is not the absense of good laws, nor the inability to implement these. Our main problem is the general absence of civility as a value in our lives.

1996.03.17    Kalayaan, vol. I, no. 1

At about this time of the year, one hundred years ago, an 8-page newspaper, subversive in every way, came out with its maiden issue. its name wasKalayaan, the newspaper of the Katipunan.

1996.01.14    Life as television

In our society, when a man has a problem he cannot handle, he seeks the company of friends and drinks with them. Thus sheltered by kindly souls and protected by alcohol, he steps out of himself and cries out his distress.

1996.01.07    The self as project

At most bookstores nowadays, one cannot fail to notice the proliferation of books dealing with self-improvement inall its aspects. There are books on dieting, health, aerobics, public speaking, meditation, yoga, body building, the soul, and the inner self.