2015.12.03   Four models of political leadership
2015.11.29   In the nation’s pantheon
2015.11.26    ‘Vox populi’ and the Constitution
2015.11.22    General Education in the modern age
2015.11.19    Globalization and its discontents
2015.11.15    The Paris attacks
2015.11.12    Reflections on Apec
2015.11.08    Auditing the Commission on Audit
2015.11.05    Panic and outrage over ‘tanim-bala’
2015.11.01    Weak political parties and their common candidates
2015.10.29    President Aquino and the mass media
2015.10.25    A day in KidZania
2015.10.22    Disasters and the local community
2015.10.18    A non-negotiable narrative 
2015.10.15    Nuisance candidates
2015.10.11    Simplifying voter judgment
2015.10.08    Mabini: Philosopher of citizenship
2015.10.04    ‘Twerking’ and the Liberal Party
2015.10.01    Politicians and their party
2015.09.27    Truth in political advertising
2015.09.24    Martial law Philippine style
2015.09.20    Grace Poe’s 20 points 
2015.09.17    Who killed Marwan?
2015.09.13    The lost of walking
2015.09.10    Europe’s two faces
2015.09.06    Migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers 
2015.09.03    Understanding the INC
2015.08.30    Law, Politics, and the INC
2015.08.27    OFWs as heroes
2015.08.23    Dubsmash and its uses
2015.08.20    The vice president in our system
2015.08.16    In defense of politics
2015.08.13    ‘Natural born citizen’
2015.08.09    The brain: the new frontier
2015.08.06    Glimpses of Grace Poe’s political star
2015.08.02    The weight of a presidential endorsement
2015.07.30    Revisiting ‘daang matuwid’
2015.07.26    ‘A religion, not a family corporation’
2015.07.23    Where to, Grace?
2015.07.19    The audit function
2015.07.16    Binay’s cross
2015.07.12    20 years of opinion
2015.07.09    The Greek way: From Solon to Varoufakis
2015.07.02    Glimpses of a Binay presidency
2015.06.28    The ‘satisfied’ in surveys
2015.06.25    The ‘undecided’ in opinion surveys
2015.06.21    Ethics for a threatened world
2015.06.18    If Rizal had been a Moro
2015.06.14    Bangsamoro identity and modernity
2015.06.11    Meditation on independence
2015.06.07    Keeping up with Bruce Jenner
2015.06.04    History repeating itself
2015.05.31    History by the roadside
2015.05.28    Thoughts on the peace process
2015.05.24    Hillary Clinton’s emails
2015.05.21    How do we solve a problem like the Rohingya
2015.05.17    Relying on surveys to choose the nations leaders
2015.05.14    Wandering nations
2015.05.10    The work of mothers
2015.05.07    Contingencies of solidarity
2015.05.03    Lack of gratitude
2015.04.30    Mary Jane’s dream 
2015.04.26    Lampedusa
2015.04.23    Asean pragmatism
2015.04.19    Crimes in the context of war
2015.04.16    A dangerous doctrine
2015.04.12    Bigger than Iqbal
2015.04.09    Letty’s Day
2015.04.05    The epic pointlessness of a motorcycle ride
2015.04.02    Recollections in a time of intolerance
2015.03.29    The MILF Report
2015.03.26    The mirror that is Singapore
2015.03.22    The American role in Mamasapano
2015.03.19    Mamasapano: misencounter or massacre?
2015.03.15    The Mamasapano Report
2015.03.12    Eight shade of truth
2015.03.08    Marwan
2015.03.05    The next president
2015.03.01    The improbable task of negotiating peace
2015.02.26    Lawyering for the MILF?
2015.02.22    Edsa I in JoAl’s eyes
2015.02.19    Questions for P-Noy
2015.02.15    The myth of control
2015.02.12    The MILF as a peace partner
2015.02.08    Pursuing terrorists and pursuing peace
2015.02.05    Truth
2015.02.01    Lighting our way to justice
2015.01.29    Test of will in Mindanao
2015.01.25    Relics and gestures of faith
2015.01.22    ‘Ideological colonization’
2015.01.15    The pope of the peripheries
2015.01.11    Tolerance
2015.01.08    The Black Nazarene, the Pope, and the crowd
2015.01.01    Complex times