2023.12.31      The hopeful ‘Pinoy’
2023.12.23      Going Bananas
2023.12.17      ‘Atin Ito’: The birth of active citizenship
2023.12.10      Human rights in the last 75 years
2023.12.03      Carbon credits
2023.11.26      AI: Between morality and money
2023.11.19      The significance of Leila de Lima
2023.11.12      War and the larger questions of our time
2023.11.05      To have a country of one’s own
2023.10.29      Israel’s dilemma
2023.10.23      The Palestinian question
2023.10.15      The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Why we care
2023.10.08      Truth in the age of social media
2023.10.01      CIFs and the scourge of IUEEU expenditures
2023.09.24      A press conference that went awry
2023.09.17      The emotional issue of rice
2023.09.10      Securing a president-in-waiting
2023.09.03      Management prerogative and its limits
2023.08.27      Heroes as teachers of national purpose
2023.08.20      Late COVID
2023.08.13      What ChatGPT cannot replace
2023.08.06      America’s flirtation with one-man rule
2023.07.30      Lingering doubts about the 2022 election
2023.07.23      Foreign policy in Marcos’ Sonae
2023.07.16      Lost in anime land
2023.06.18      Maranao children and their future
2023.06.11      De Lima’s quest for vindication and justice
2023.06.04      Marawi’s unending crisis
2023.05.28      Undocumented: A different way of being poor
2023.05.21      Power, secrecy, and the politics of hypocrisy
2023.05.14      The continuing saga of Leila de Lima
2023.05.07      Choosing a career in today’s world
2023.04.30      China’s ‘patriotic’ and ‘underground’ Catholics
2023.04.23      What it takes to think as a nation
2023.04.16      The intriguing leak of classified US documents
2023.04.09      Living long and needing care
2023.04.02      A court of last resort
2023.03.19      A letter across time
2023.03.12      Killings that showcase our insecurities
2023.03.05      The unending search for COVID-19’s origin
2023.02.26      Awkward commemoration, missed opportunity
2023.02.19      Leila de Lima after six years in prison
2023.02.12      Returning to the arms of an old lover
2023.02.05      Making the OFW cash cow obsolete
2023.01.29      The International Criminal Court and Marcos Jr.
2023.01.22      AI and the challenge to education
2023.01.15      Saving face in the Philippine National Police
2023.01.08      ‘Ubuntu’ and the Ateneo debaters’ historic win
2023.01.01      Notes to oneself